On Labor Day book sales

Hey all, my wonderful publisher JMS Books is having a huge Labor Dale sale. All books (ebooks and paperback) are a whopping 40% off from now through September 2nd. Check out JMS Books now. And for my specific books on sale (ranging from an adult LGBT murder mystery to a dark YA paranormal and everything in between), check out my bookstore page.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross wishing you a great Labor Day Weekend.


On This Filthy World

I know, I know, I said I’d update more often, but I’ve been on a writing streak the last few weeks. Getting reviews, chatting with people, and writing thousands and thousands of words.

But I wanted to take a moment to share with you how fantastic John Waters’ This Filthy World is. It’s nearly an hour and a half of John Waters talking about his life an his film career and it’s hilarious. Waters discusses his films, thoughts on trash, and personal anecdotes. And it’s directed by Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s Jeff Garlin. Check it out.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross wishing you happy viewing.

On Sentinel book review

I recently read Sentinel, the first book in the Sentinel Trilogy, by Joshua Winning. Below are my thoughts.

What a fun book. When Nicholas Hallow, just shy of his sixteenth birthday, is tragically orphaned, he’s thrust into a dangerous, paranormal world. With the help of his parents’ elderly friend, Nicholas must find a way to navigate this dangerous, new territory, even as sinister forces are converging.

Cons: The ending is a bit abrupt, which will be easier to handle when the sequel is released. Some of the villains’ motivations are murky, as is the mythology.

Pros: Great characters. The book doesn’t fall into the usual trappings of paranormal YA by forcing a teenage romance into the mix. Nicholas Hallow is dealing with some serious issues, and he can’t be tied down dealing with a relationship. I didn’t see some of the twists and turns coming and loved every one of them.

Overall, this is a great start to a fun trilogy and I’m looking forward to book two.

For your convenience, here’s a link to Sentinel at Amazon. And keep in mind the book is British, so when someone wears a jumper that means sweater.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross pondering wishing you happy reading.

On great documentaries

I have a confession/apology. I haven’t been posting nearly as often on here as I should be because of Netflix. You find one good documentary and then it suggests another and another and before you know it, you’ve lost a month watching fantastic films. Here are the highlights from the last month in no particular order (I highly recommend each of them):

I’m not the biggest Nirvana fan. I think I was around 10 when Kurt Cobain died. Anyway, this is a great look at the making of an album, with interviews and archival footage of band members and technicians. I’ve always enjoyed when an artist pulls the curtain back and you see what went into the work.

The Achievers
I have loved The Big Lebowski since I first rented it on VHS in the 90s, and low-and-behold there’s an entire fan club who has annual Lebowski-fests with random cast members and the people who inspired characters. They do trivia, bowling, and costume contests. This is a great look at fandom and offers some fun info on a fantastic movie.

This Film Is Not Yet Rated
I’ve long said the MPAA is evil. They’re the people who put those PG-13, R, NC17 ratings on everything in America without any rhyme or reason. Here’s a great example: American Pie has nudity and a naked ass while a boy humps apple pie=Rated R. But I’m A Cheerleader has a clothed lesbian masturbating without showing any nudity and basically only hinting at it=NC17. What? The director hires a private eye to find the secretive members who rate films. It’s a brilliant piece of journalism.

The People Vs. George Lucas
Whiny fanboys bitch about the prequel trilogy and the re-mastering/altering of the original trilogy. But done in a fun way. There are some great tidbits and real love for the Star Wars saga here, as well as upset fans. And some fun trivia. I tend to lean on Lucas’ side that he’s the artist and allowed to do whatever he likes with the art, but then they point out that he argued brilliantly against Ted Turner colorizing classic films and my mind is changed. Great topic to discuss.

That Guy…Who Was in That Thing
Sixteen character actors are interviewed and discuss Hollywood and their careers. Lots of fun. Since I’m a bit of a film guy, I recognized all of them and knew most of their names, but for most audiences, these are those guys who pop up in lots of things. Since watching it, I’ve noticed a few of them on random TV shows and movies. This was short shortly before the wonderful Stanley Kamel passed away. You’d recognize his face and maybe know him as Dr. Kroger. Trivia: there are over 240,000 registered members of the Screen Actors Guild, and the average annual salary is $5,000…

Tales From the Script
A must-see for anyone who cares about writing and movies. This documentary takes a look at Hollywood screenwriters and offers plenty of anecdotes about the industry. There’s some really talented, engaging people here. What really boggles the mind is how many scripts are bought, but never produced. They say that Universal Pictures has on average something like 300 scripts in development each year, and releases 10 films a year. 290 scripts a year are bought by one major studio and never filmed. So next time you’re on IMDB.com and go, “Oh, this guy’s only written two movies” well, maybe he’s written 30, sold 20, and only had 2 produced. Crazy stuff.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross wondering what great docs you’ve all seen.

On New Paperback Release

Hey gang, just wanted to share something fun. Apparently sales haven’t been abysmal, so my M/M erotic murder mystery, Ask Me No Questions, will soon be getting a paperback release.

There’s nothing so nice as holding in your hand a printed version of your book, and I look forward to doing that in just a few weeks with this one.

Check out more about the book at ElliotArthurCross.com, and I’ll be sure to post more when the book is released.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross figuring I should get to wok on the sequel.