On New Year’s book sale

My publisher, JMS Books, is celebrating Near Year’s by offering a 40% discount on all titles from Christmas Day to New Year’s Day. Their bookstore is easy to navigate and use (a huge improvement over many publisher’s bookstores), and you even rack up points for further discounts on future purchases.


Here’s the link to my author page, but don’t stop there, check out the other wonderful LGBT titles ranging everywhere from young adult, erotica, sweet romance, gay, lesbian, etc.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross wishing you happy reading.


On The Brass Teapot review

Today I’d like to celebrate Boxing Day by reviewing The Brass Teapot. This is an indie dramedy starring Michael Angarano and Juno Temple. Basically this 20 something couple who’s struggling financially gets this magical teapot that generates cash when the owners experience pain. They start with spanking and slapping but discover that the more they use the teapot, the harsher the pain must be, eventually go to psychological torment and possibly murder.

Cons: I don’t think the concept was fully utilized. A few things happened a little too easily. I would have liked more laughs. It feels a bit more indie drama with some humor than a true comedy/drama.

Pros: Great idea. Loved Michael Angarano and Juno Temple. You may know Angarano from Jack’s son on Will & Grace, Sky High, Lords of Dogtown, Gentleman Broncos, etc. and Temple from Notes on a Scandal, The Other Boleyn Girl, Year One, Kaboom, The Three Muskateers, etc. They are so much fun in this film. They feel like a real down on their luck couple. There are supporting players like SNL’s Bobby Moynihan and Arrested Development‘s Alia Shawkat and 30 Rock‘s Jack McBrayer. Some great ideas/themes about human nature/greed. The film has a nice, brisk pace.

Overall: 3.95 out of 5 stars. Good idea, well acted, but could have used a bit more humor. I’d talk a little more about the end but I don’t want to spoil anything.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross wishing you happy viewing.

On Away for the Holidays retailers

Away_for_the_Holidays_400x600Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! And to those of you not celebrating, have a happy December Time. My M/M Christmas ebook, published by JMS Books (which is offering a 40 percent discount on all titles through January 1), is now available through every major retailer.

Christmas is slowly becoming a reminder of everything homesick college freshman Shane Sanderson is going to miss out on. Even when he meets his roommate’s handsome friend, Corey, his mind is stuck back home. What will it take for Shane to feel like he isn’t away for the holidays?

You can find Away for the Holidays at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, and other fine ebookstores. You can also add it to your to-read list and rate/review it on Goodreads.

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On Special film review

I’ve recently watched a bunch of sequels and big blockbuster movies that I considered reviewing for you, but you can read thousands of reviews everywhere else, so I’m here to give another indie movie review about a film you probably haven’t heard of before.

Special is a film made in 2006 and released in 2008 starring the usually funny Michael Rapaport and co-starring the then fat Josh from Drake and Josh (seriously, have you seen Josh Peck recently? Good for him). First up, poorly advertised. I only watched it because my boyfriend was looking for an adventure movie, and we both were surprised to find a darkly comedic drama. Such a wonderful take on the superhero take. Basically, a mild-mannered meter reader signs up for one of those medical trials and he believes that he’s gained Superman-like abilities, while the reality is he’s hallucinating.

Cons: It feels a little low-budget. The concept screams special effects, but there was nothing more than a local TV studio with an intern could produce. After the concept is fully established, the storyline continues down the same path for a while. I would have loved some twists or pushing the envelope, but it was sort of “this weird thing is happening so let’s watch more of it.”

Pros: Such dark humor. Great premise to a story. Likeable, relatable protagonist. I would love for Michael Rapaport to get more starring roles; he’s got to be proud of this movie. It feels real. Or, as theater folk would say, it rings true.

Overall: 3.75 out of 5 stars. Loved the humor, loved Rapaport, but it felt a little simple. Recommended.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross wishing you happy viewing.

JMS Books December 1st and 8th releases

Author Clare London has been blogging about the great Christmas stories coming from LGBT publisher JMS Books and asked fellow authors to share. Here are the first two notices I missed.

Great new releases every week of December at JMS Books! Drop in to find your favourite authors and many new ones, and a veritable bran tub of holiday stories :)


DEC 01 releases – WEEK #1

The Firefighter in the Snow | Vivaldi in the Dark | Bad Secret Santa | Yule Be in my Heart


It’s WEEK #2 of the great new December releases at JMS Books! Follow the links for more festive fictional goodies, and to learn more about the authors:)

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DEC 08 releases – WEEK #2

Christmas Serendipity | Happy Holidays with Contessa | Latte for the Holidays | A Christmas in Kent | Twinkle Twinkle

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JMS Books Dec. 15 releases

It’s WEEK #3 of the great new December releases at JMS Books! Follow the links for more festive fictional goodies, and to learn more about the authors:)

LATEST! Follow up news from the JMS authors: Michael P. Thomas Liam Livings, also at JoyfullyJay | UK Gay Romance Leska Beikircher Paul Alan Fahey at ARE Cafe J. M. Snyder

Reviews and Features: Christmas Serendipity: Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews | MM Good Book Reviews Vivalidi in the Dark: Greedy Bug Book Reviews – also voted a Book of the Year A Christmas in Kent: The Novel Approach reviews (on the Lovers and Liars series) The Firefighter in the Snow: Rainbow Book Reviews


DEC 15 releases – WEEK #3

Away for the Holidays | Just the Three of Us | The Ghost of Christmas Past | The Gift of the Gay Guy | The Nutcracker

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JMS dec

On Away For the Holidays release

My M/M Christmas ebook, Away For The Holidays, is now on sale at JMS Books, with other retailers coming soon.

Away_for_the_Holidays_400x600Shane Sanderson’s first college semester is winding down, and he’s starting to regret ever going to a school halfway across the country. Since he can’t afford a plane ticket home for Christmas, he dreads staying cooped up in his dorm room over the holiday break, knowing his parents and siblings will be together without him.

Corey Williams, another freshman, couldn’t be any more different than Shane. There’s no large family waiting to hear from him, only postcards from his last foster family. He plans on making the best of any situation, but a hard life has taught him to expect people will let him down.

Shane meets Corey through his roommate in an embarrassing, naked moment, and the two are instantly attracted to each other. But Shane deals poorly with various dramas and the constant pressure of the lonely holidays approaching, and he finds himself snapping at Corey, potentially ruining their burgeoning friendship.

While helping a friend, Shane learns about the myth of the Krampus, an ancient horned monster who teaches snotty children the meaning of Christmas. But it will take more than a myth for Shane to accept missing his family. Will the homesick freshman learn his lesson in time to salvage a relationship with Corey, or will he forever feel like he’s away for the holidays?

This is Elliot Arthur Cross wishing you happy reading.