On The Invisible Gay at Amazon

The_Invisible_Gay_400x600Hi, all, just sharing a quick update. My erotic M/M ebook The Invisible Gay is now available at Amazon , Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble. You can also rate and review it at Goodreads. This is a fun reimagining of the classic story The Invisible Man set on an American college campus with plenty of hormones going rampant.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross wishing you happy reading.


On Possessions of the Dead cover

Hi all, I’d like to share the cover for my upcoming M/M horror/comedy ebook Possessions of the Dead.


Blurb: When college junior Alex Corrigan subs for his favorite professor, he falls for a handsome freshman who gets him involved in a local ghost story. Rumor is anyone who takes something from an abandoned cabin in the woods will be cursed. Alex assumes it’s nonsense, until the frightened freshman shows up at his door needing help. Is the curse just an urban legend, or is there more to the story?

This is Elliot Arthur Cross looking forward to release day in mid-February.

On The Invisible Gay release

The_Invisible_Gay_400x600Hi all. My erotic M/M novella The Invisible Gay was released today. The ebook is available exclusively through the publisher JMS Books for one week, and then will hit online retailers. The story is a modern day, gay reimagining of HG Wells’ classic The Invisible Man.

When Kegan Kemp moves in to his new dorm room at Prescott University, he’s planning on starting an exciting new life full of fun and adventure. After one day, Kegan realizes that he only left the dramas of high school for the dramas of college. He’s rooming with an attractive, mostly straight guy with boundary issues and he becomes smitten by Randall, an upperclassman who seems more interested in being friends than anything more.

Griffin Herbert is a brilliant young science student coming from a broken home moving onto the same floor as Kegan, who happens to be his new lab partner. While Griffin plans on enjoying a new life consisting of peaceful studying, he finds himself smitten by his ruggedly good-looking roommate. A winner of several science competitions, Griffin is picked out in his first chemistry class to work on a special project by his unscrupulous professor.

While Kegan works on moving out of the Friend Zone with Randall, Griffin grows obsessed with his research. Once he discovers the correct chemical process to reverse the polarity of light, Griffin injects himself with his serum, effectively turning himself invisible to the naked eye.

During the following weekend, Prescott University is plunged into terror as the voyeuristic invisible man slowly deteriorates into madness and seeks revenge on those he believes have wronged him.

Kegan’s burgeoning friendship with Randall is put in jeopardy when they become embroiled in Griffin’s madness. With Griffin running loose, campus security goes on lockdown and paranoid sets in. Can Kegan manage to win Randall’s heart while simultaneously struggling against an invisible genius driven mad by his own creation, or will Griffin prove unstoppable?

Check it out at JMS Books now.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross wishing you happy reading.

On English Teacher review

Somehow I got on an indie comedy Michael Angarano kick, because I followed The Brass Teapot with English Teacher. Basically, a dedicated spinster English teacher (Julianne Moore) reconnects with a former student (Angarano) who’s a failed playwright and they set about performing his masterpiece at the high school under the direction of a zany drama teacher (Nathan Lane). Meanwhile, the playwright’s overbearing father (Greg Kinnear) wants him to go to law school. Shenanigans ensue.

Cons: The movie is at times silly, other times bordering on dark, and then it’s quirky. I would have loved a better balanced feel.

Pros: Solid performances from some great actors. I’ve long thought there’s a clause in Julianne Moore’s contract that she has to cry in all of her movies, and her crying scene here does not disappoint. Even the supporting characters have moments that shine. When the movie is funny, it’s really funny. There’s a sense of fun in the movie that makes you root for the characters.

Overall: 3.75 out of 5 stars. I’m afraid this one mostly appeals to writers/actors/people interested in putting on plays. I laughed out loud while watching it alone, a rare feat, but I could see it not having mass appeal.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross wishing you happy viewing.

On Last Exorcism Part 2 review

I absolutely loved The Last Exorcism. I thought it was one of the best ‘found footage’ horror films in recent times. Humor, acting, story, twists. Fantastic. So I was looking forward to seeing the sequel. Like Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows, the sequel loses the found footage gimmick. And like Blair Witch 2, the sequel is not very good. We follow a sad religious girl as she’s horrified by satanic problems.

Cons: Weird. Loses the fun charm of the original. Less twisty. Been there, done that. Most of the cast are clearly trying. The story’s a bit confusing, the opening is too long. For a sequel, I’d like the ending to be more definitive. Where’d the supporting survivors from the original go? Not all sequels need to include previous characters, but this one relies on their actions.

Pros: Ashley Bell carries the film. She’s clearly a talented actress who deserves to star in feature films for the rest of her career. She taps into a likeable vulnerability that’s not easy to find. Spencer Treat Clark and Muse Watson were well used. There were a few creepy scenes.

Overall: 1.5 out of 5 stars. Hell, it’s New Year’s Eve, let’s make it a solid 2 stars. I’m probably being too harsh here. Should there be a third entry and it’s really solid, I could see it raising this one. But as the end of the short series, it’s a bit blah. You know, I think it boils down to me enjoying the original so much and being let by the sequel not meeting its potential. If I had seen this movie on its own, maybe I would have liked it more. Or not; guess we’ll never know.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross wishing you happy viewing.