On Possessions of the Dead retailers

Possessions_of_the_Dead_400x600Just wanted to let you all know that my M/M comedy/horror ghost ebook Possessions of the Dead is now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. You can also rate and review the story at Goodreads.

Blurb: When college junior Alex Corrigan subs for his favorite professor, he falls for a handsome freshman who gets him involved in a local ghost story. Rumor is anyone who takes something from an abandoned cabin in the woods will be cursed. Alex assumes it’s nonsense, until the frightened freshman shows up at his door needing help. Is the curse just an urban legend, or is there more to the story?

This is Elliot Arthur Cross wishing you happy reading.


On American Idol pissing me off

This season of American Idol has improved a great many things (auditions focusing on talent, Hollywood week being streamlined, judges being awesome), but this week pissed me off. Idol producers: You want a final 30, then give us a final 30. I almost think the whole Judges-eliminate-one-last-round idea works, but not 10 people.

By this point, we’re invested in the semi-finalists, so let them sing. And you kept them in Hollywood, made them chat with Adam Lambert, Chris Daughtry, and Randy Jackson, so let them sing.

The guys are clearly a more talented group than the girls, although there are a few powerhouse entertainers in the women’s group who could take it all the way to the end. Last week, I saw Ethan Harris make it to the top 30 and I was so glad and I’ve been waiting a whole week to see him perform. But Idol didn’t want me to see him sing, apparently. And not only was I disappointed, but did you see 16 year old Briston Maroney’s face when he didn’t make it? He didn’t cry or anything, but he looked devastated; you could clearly see it in his face. Boy needs a hug.

Ethan Harris held it together well, but come on, let the poor guys sing. They spent all this time in Hollywood practicing and even performing in the rehearsal earlier in the day. Idol Producers: if you wanted the judges to cut one more round, make it one or two contestants, not five from both genders, that’s just cruel.

Anyway, here’s Ethan Harris’ official website and Youtube channel. Give the poor guy support on such a sad day. At least he got Keith Urban to sign his sketch; boy’s got mad drawing skills.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross wishing American Idol didn’t rile me up so much.

On new book contract

Quick update today: I just signed the contract for Backwatch Lane (Demonic Survivors, Book Three). The series follows sullen high schooler Cody Langdon, who moves to Florida to start over after a gay bashing and discovers a world of supernatural horrors. Backwatch Lane is schedule for release June, 2014 from JMS Books. More coming soon.


And in the meantime, check out the first two books in the series, Tanglewood Road and Clearclay Park.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross wishing you happy reading.

On Valentine’s weekend book sale

Hi all, just wanted to pass on a book sale for all you fans of LGBT books. My publisher, JMS Books, is offering a 40% off sale until Monday in honor of Valentine’s Day. Here’s a link to my author page, but browse around the wonderful selection of titles ranging from YA, comedy, erotica, horror, and

On Valentine’s Day

AntiVDkindleCoverWell, they tell me it’s a holiday today, although I spent a good chunk of my time fixing my cable and internet (I only had to call Comcast four times today). For those of you who aren’t necessarily into the whole Valentine’s Day thang, why not check out my ebook Anti-Valentine’s Day? It’s a collection of five horror stories I wrote themed around love/obsession/V-Day.

For the low, low price of only $0.99, you can find it here at Amazon.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross wishing you happy reading.

On Tex, the Witch Boy review

I’ve been slacking on this blog because I’ve been watching less movies and falling under Netflix’s spell. Thanks, Supernatural, for having eight seasons to get caught up on.

I recently read Stuart R. West’s YA novel Tex, The Witch Boy, in which a good-natured high school student deals with discovering he’s a witch someone’s brutally killing high school football players.

Cons: I would have liked more magic, but with this being the first in a trilogy, I can see that it’s setting it up. There were a few loose threads that might be tied up later, but they felt dangling after reading just this book. The murder mystery is solved rather easily, although it’s nearly justified why it couldn’t be solved sooner. Tex comes off a little older than a 15 year old, but he does comment on it and it helps set him up as an outsider, so not much of a qualm there.

Pros: There were a few laugh out loud scenes, mostly involving Mickey Goldfarb, Tex’s mentor. She’s not the typical wise old witch stereotype which is refreshing. In fact, none of the characters felt clichéd. The characters are the strong suit, actually making you feel for them. I was anxious and upset when one of Tex’s friends gets in trouble, and author Stuart R. West doesn’t pull any punches. In fact, the story is more about the horrors of bullying than magic, but it doesn’t turn into an after school special. West states in the afterword that every instance of bullying is something he and his friends experienced growing up. I applaud his use of turning negative life experiences into art with a positive message.

Overall: 4 out of 5 stars. Tex, the Witch Boy has fun characters, a good mystery, and an interesting take on magic. This was a great start to a trilogy, which I look forward to reading the rest of. Here’s the Amazon link for your convenience.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross wishing you happy reading.

On Possessions of the Dead release

Hi all, I’m glad to announce another ebook release day. My 13,000 word M/M comedic horror Possessions of the Dead is now available from JMS Books. As always, the book will be sold exclusively through the wonderful JMS Books store for one week before coming to the likes of Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the rest of the ‘Net.

Possessions_of_the_Dead_400x600Blurb: As a way of dealing with being dumped by his boyfriend for being unemotional, college junior Alex Corrigan pours all his energy into his studies. He jumps at the opportunity to sub for one of his favorite professors who’s called away on unexpected business. While answering questions about an upcoming mid-term paper, Alex finds himself immediately drawn to roommates Ben and Gage.

Ben plans on debunking the local legend of a haunted cabin for his research paper. For years, college kids have passed around the story that trespassers on the wooded property who steal something from the cabin are cursed with horrible, and potentially deadly, luck. Alex gives Ben advice on conducting research, then turns his attention on getting to know Gage.

Over the next few days, Alex manages to befriend the freshman while simultaneously talking himself out of making any moves. But as Alex spends more time with Gage, he finds himself drawn into Ben’s haunted project. When a series of startling events occur, Alex is forced to face the cursed cabin. Is it simply an urban legend college kids use to scare each other, or will he discover truth in the story?

This is Elliot Arthur Cross wishing you happy reading.