On Inkshares Horror Novel

Have you guys heard about this? I recently heard about a crowdfunding site called Inkshares. It’s basically Kickstarter or Indiegogo crossbred with Createspace or Lulu. It looks like a site where you can crowdfund a novel that will have an ebook and physical presence in bookstores. Unlike Kikstarter or Indiegogo where you give them thousands of dollars and then the writer keeps a percentage and has to then hire editors and distributors, Inkshares does all of that. So if a project is successfully funded at Inshares, it includes a professional manuscript editor and distributor.

I had no idea how any of this works, so I figured I’d dive in and take a look see with my current manuscript. I’m working on a 90 thousand word novel about three strangers entering the witness protection program when they accidentally thwart a serial killer. They’re relocated to a new state, but their new home brings them into contact with horrors beyond imagination.

You can find the Inkshares page, along with fun FAQs and whatnot, and back this project here are: https://www.inkshares.com/projects/horror-novel

Thanks so much for your support!

This is Elliot Arthur Cross eternally grateful for your support. For any questions about the project, please email me at elliotarthurcross@gmail.com. Thank you and happy reading.


On opening to interviews

Hey gang, I’ve decided that since I have lots of followers (soon to reach triple digits), I’ve decided to network even more. If anyone wants to interview an lgbt author/Game of Thrones enthusiast/Survivor junkie/politics enthusiast/holder of a BA in Film Studies, then let me know. I’m mildly entertaining and I’d love to meet more people and share ideas. We could also possibly do some free book giveaways to your readers, as that’s a marketing approach I need to tap into more. Current ebooks are in YA, murder mystery, erotica, and horror genres.

And it feels weird to just email someone out of the blue. There are some great bloggers who interview people, but I feel odd contacting strangers to see if they care about me. So any interested parties, please email me at elliotarthurcross@gmail.com. I will respond quickly and pleasantly.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross looking forward to hearing from you.

On Cochran’s Victory

I wanted to give myself a few days before reviewing Cochran’s unanimous win Sunday night. Where would I place him in my winners ranking? I’m going to go with around spot 10 to 15.

What was wrong with that jury? Brenda to Dawn: “Take your teeth out and I’ll vote for you.” Dawn takes her teeth out and Brenda votes for Cochran. Okay, so Dawn was way over the top emotional most of the time, she also was well-like half the time and people came to her with their strategies, which she used to eliminate them. The jury wanted to give the million bucks to Eddie, who had no clue what was happening the entire season and wasn’t even that good in challenges.

And Sherri kept her profession a secret, ran the dominant early alliance, planned on taking unlikeable Shamar and then Philip to the end, jumped ship during the merge, and didn’t anger anyone too much. That’s a lot better than many finalists in Survivor history.

Best player who didn’t win the season: Corinne! What a powerhouse, she nearly turned everything around and dominated the game.  If she wasn’t playing with paranoid Dawn, it probably would have worked.

That said, Cochran deserved his victory. Great underdog story and a strategic player. And just when I was hoping for a season without any returning players, rumors are swirling that next season (Blood Vs. Water) will be old contestants and their loved ones competing.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross hoping the season after that will be all newbies. Is that too much to ask for?

On Survivor Winners Ranking part 13

Let’s wrap this countdown up in time for the season finale tonight.

24. Amber Brkich, All-Stars, season 7
23. Natalie While, Samoa, season 19
22. Jud “Fabio” Birza, Nicaragua, season 21
21. Ethan Zohn, Africa, season 3
20. Danni Boatwright, Guatemala, season 11
19. Boston Rob Mariano, Redemption Island, season 22
18. Parvati Shallow, Fans Vs. Favorites, season 16
17. Tom Westman, Palau, season 10
16. J.T. Thomas, Tocantins, season 18
15. Vecepia Towery, Marquesas, season 4
14. Aras Baskauskas, Exile Island, season 12
13. Sophie Clark, South Pacific, season 23
12. Earl Cole, Fiji, season 14
11. Tina Wesson, Australia, season 2
10. Yul Kwon, Cook Islands, season 13
9. Richard Hatch, Borneo, season 1
8. Kim Spradlin, One World, season 24
7. Chris Daughtery, Vanuatu, season 9
6. Bob Crowley, Gabon, season 17

5. Brian Heidik (Survivor: Thailand, season 5)

The Ice Man Brian is a bit like Nixon. Brilliant mind, horrible person. Sure Brian did some soft-core porn with his wife, and sure he shot a little dog with an arrow and was charged with domestic battery and cruelty to animals, but the man knew how to play Survivor.

From taking control of his tribe immediately, and forming final twos with everyone important, Brian dominated the game with his car salesmen skill.

4. Jenna Morasca (Survivor: The Amazon, season 6)

Maybe I’m just sentimental for the old days of Survivor, but you have to appreciate Jenna’s skill in the game. Probably one of the best social games. She won the vote of Christy, who swore to never vote for her “evil stepsister” in the jury.

Let’s also not forget her brilliant move of giving her immunity idol to Heidi, which virtually assured Jenna’s place in the final two. When a smart player makes such a high gamble and it pays off, then they make top of my chart.

3. Todd Herzog (Survivor: China, season 15)

I’m sort of surprised Todd made it this high on the list, but also not. He’s masterfully controlled ego-maniac Amanda and tough girl/“fired” lunch lady. And yes, Courtney is a part of his win. Who could have foreseen her presence in the game? If anyone ever likes these rankings, I may include her in my “top whatever Survivor players who didn’t win” list.

2. Denise Stapely (Survivor: Philippines, season 25)

This might just be because the season is so fresh, but Denise survived 15 tribal councils, of which she was immune only once. She only received a handful of votes and crushed Mike Skupin and Lisa Welchel in the final jury vote of 6-1-1. And as rarely happens during a reunion, Jeff Probst asked the jury if the fourth place player was in the finals, if he would win. (Often in the past the third or fourth place player would have won, that’s what arguably prompted them to go to the final two system). Denise was still an easy victor. Smart, athletic, able to read people, well-liked, flawless game with the odds extremely against her while playing against players such as the brilliant Jonathan Penner.

1. Sandra Diaz-Twine (Survivor: Pearl Islands – Panama, season 7 and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, season 20)

How can Sandra not reign supreme? She played twice and won twice. She was nearly put on All-Stars and Fans Vs. Favorites. Run the scenarios, she probably would have made it to the end on both series. Sandra nearly played a perfect game, came back and kicked ass again, against experienced players. She’s not athletic, she’s not super nice, and she tells you what she thinks of you, but her social and strategic mind is flawless. She’s able to read people expertly and give the rare ‘it benefits us both’ appeal. She’s also a game player, unafraid to vote off a friend.

There could be so much detail about each brilliant move Sandra made in both seasons. I would love to see her play again and prove that fantastic wins can come in three.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross wishing you happy finale night.

On Survivor Winners Ranking part 12

Continuing on my ranking of Survivor winners, let’s take a Cliff Notes look at the next group. And I just noticed I had my numbers off and have adjusted the countdown thusly.

11. Tina Wesson (Survivor: Australia, season 2)

Likeable, intelligent, and athletic, Tina masterfully rearranged alliances, voted out friends, and controlled the game. She did her best in All-Stars, but the numbskull mindset of gunning for winners was too difficult to overcome. There was a lot of luck involved in Australia, but Tina would have done well regardless. Her tribe knew who to gun for at the merge because Tina asked chatty Kimmi who received voted from Kucha before a reward challenge. Had Mike Skupin not fallen in a fire, he probably would have allied with Tina and her Christian Coalition after the merge. Run the scenarios anyway you like, and Tina makes the endgame.

10. Yul Kwon (Survivor: Cook Islands, season 13)

Yul competed on the controversial race based season that gave us such memorable players as Jonathan Penner, Ozzy, Parvati, and Candice. A masterful leader, he came back from a severe numbers disadvantage and took control of the game after threatening Penner with a hidden immunity idol. It was a great move not seen often. Although clearly the leader, Yul also listened to his alliance members and made compromises.

9. Richard Hatch (Survivor: Borneo, season 1)

The first Survivor villain (he would have been back on Heroes Vs. Villains if not for his IRS problems), Richard demonstrated strange personal skills, an ability to read people, and decent skills in challenges. Consider that he also had the uphill battle of convincing people that it was okay to form an alliance. Ah, 2000 was a simpler time.

8. Kim Spradlin (Survivor: One World, season 24)

Quiet, intelligent, athletic Kim lead two competing alliances and masterfully tricked the men to self-destruct. She won challenges and never had to use her hidden immunity idol. Her game was clearly the best of the season, and she turned uber-hated Colton down, so there’s points for that.

7. Chris Daugherty (Survivor: Vanuatu – Islands of Fire, season 9)

One of the biggest underdogs in Survivor history, Chris demonstrated a keen opportunistic ability to read situation and play people. Unlike some winners, Chris also played against several great and/or memorable players (Eliza, Ami, Scout, Twila, some of the guys probably). Soon after the merge, the tribe consisted of Chris and an alliance of six women, and he cracked it in half and took command. Well played.

6. Bob Crowley (Survivor: Gabon – Earth’s Last Eden, season 17)

It seemed early on that one of the members of the Onion Alliance would win, until they were nearly all voted off one at a time. Bob was a surprisingly fierce challenge competitor, played against several memorable and skilled players, and created the first (and best) fake hidden immunity idol. There are some winners whose game it is to lose, and others who take control of the situation and slowly gain power. Bob is a perfect example of a player utilizing his skills to stick in the game and secure a well-deserved victory. It also pays to have your entire alliance on the jury.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross glad we’re down to the top five. Until next time.

On Survivor Winners Ranking part 11

Well gang, we’re now in the mid section of winners, and I’m getting tired of writing these, so this part will cover three players.

15. Aras Baskauskas (Survivor: Panama – Exile Island, season 12)

Aras won a challenge and demonstrated a decent social game. He owes his victory to Cirie’s masterful scheming and a few other players self-destructing (Bruce’s bowls and Shane’s cigarettes). Had Cirie won her fire-building competition against Danielle at the final four, she probably would have won. Still, Aras knew the right alliances to make overall and didn’t fly under the radar. He also would have probably won in a final three scenario, which bumps him up slightly.

14. Sophie Clark (Survivor: South Pacific, season 23)

While blunt and unapproachable, Sophie was quite intelligent and a good challenge competitor. She made the right alliances, let people self-destruct where needed, spoke her mind about who her alliance should vote out, and narrowly escaped being eliminated a few times near in the endgame. She won the final challenge and fought against Coach and Albert against the jury, where she won 6 to 3 against Coach. She’s rank higher if not for her abrasive social play.

13. Earl Cole (Survivor: Fiji, season 14)

Earl played nearly a perfect game. He only received one vote against him during the game, and unanimously won 9 jury votes in a final three scenario. Intelligent and likeable, Earl formed a strong alliance with Yau-Man Chan but the two worked together as opposed to one leading. Earl proved an adaptable player even having never seen the show before and basically made no mistakes during the entire game.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross wishing I never started this long ranking process.

On Survivor Winners Ranking part 10

We travel back an entire decade to cover one of the earliest winners of Survivor in tonight’s installment of the countdown to best Survivor winner.

For those keeping track at home, here’s the run-down so far.

25. Amber Brkich, All-Stars, season 7
24. Natalie While, Samoa, season 19
23. Jud “Fabio” Birza, Nicaragua, season 21
22. Ethan Zohn, Africa, season 3
21. Danni Boatwright, Guatemala, season 11
20. Boston Rob Mariano, Redemption Island, season 22
19. Parvati Shallow, Fans Vs. Favorites, season 16
18. Tom Westman, Palau, season 10
17. J.T. Thomas, Tocantins, season 18
16: Vecepia Towery (Survivor: Marquesas, season 4)

Survivor season 4 mirrored season 1 in many ways. Both winners had birthdays during the game, both featured a dominant 4 person alliance with a straggler, and players were edited to resemble previous contestants.

(The Tagi 4 + Sean consisted of a gay leader, guy with military history, athletic woman, and tough woman with a fifth hanger-on. The Rotu 4 + Boston Rob consisted of a gay leader, guy with military history, athletic woman, and tough woman with a fifth hanger-on.)

But unlike seasons 1, 2, and 3, this season presented players able to come together to overthrow the majority alliance. Vecepia was instrumental in this. She owes a lot to the purple rock of doom, but Vecepia demonstrated a strategic mind and won two individual immunities.

I would love to see how she would play again given a shot and a decent edit.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross considering condensing the rest of these ranking lists.