On Inkshares Horror Novel

Have you guys heard about this? I recently heard about a crowdfunding site called Inkshares. It’s basically Kickstarter or Indiegogo crossbred with Createspace or Lulu. It looks like a site where you can crowdfund a novel that will have an ebook and physical presence in bookstores. Unlike Kikstarter or Indiegogo where you give them thousands of dollars and then the writer keeps a percentage and has to then hire editors and distributors, Inkshares does all of that. So if a project is successfully funded at Inshares, it includes a professional manuscript editor and distributor.

I had no idea how any of this works, so I figured I’d dive in and take a look see with my current manuscript. I’m working on a 90 thousand word novel about three strangers entering the witness protection program when they accidentally thwart a serial killer. They’re relocated to a new state, but their new home brings them into contact with horrors beyond imagination.

You can find the Inkshares page, along with fun FAQs and whatnot, and back this project here are: https://www.inkshares.com/projects/horror-novel

Thanks so much for your support!

This is Elliot Arthur Cross eternally grateful for your support. For any questions about the project, please email me at elliotarthurcross@gmail.com. Thank you and happy reading.


On Bates Motel episode 10

The Bates Motel season finale, “Midnight,” aired last night, and did not disappoint. There is so much set up for the next season and I’m thankful that they’re already plotting the episodes out and will be casting soon. Bring on season 2.

Cons: I don’t want to wait months for season 2!

Pros: Great pacing, loved getting more backstory on Norma, and Nestor Carbonell kicked ass as always. If you’re familiar with Psycho lore, Norman poisoned his mother and her lover. Could Sheriff Romero end up being that lover? Time will tell.

We say goodbye to Keegan Connor Tracy. I loved the actress and hated the character, so perhaps we’ll get some imagined images of her next season. Speaking of hallucinations, illusionNorma was perfectly handled. Norman sees her mother with a tight bun and an old black dress, just as the film series did. There’s a great disconnect between the imagined Mother and the actual Norma and Vera Farmiga did an excellent job.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross hoping season two doesn’t jump the shark.

On Bates Motel episode 9

This week’s episode felt a bit like part 1 of a 2 parter, but in a good way. Season finales should feel epic, and this was all set-up for the great Jere Burns showdown next week.

I’m so glad that Keegan Connor Tracy had more to do this week as Norman’s English teacher. Once Upon A Time fans will recognize her as the Blue Fairy. She strikes a perfect line between caring/damaged/creepy as she takes a special interest in Norman.

Anyone else think Emma is going to hook up with the stoner in the hotel who made her food? Okay, it’s obvious, but should be fun. Will Norman suddenly be protective and jealous once she shows someone else interest?

Cons: Only one episode left then a huge wait. And the Bradley/Dylan stuff was weird. I’ve finally figured out her name, but I don’t really care about her. She begs to see her dad’s office, then finds letters from someone and freaks out and leaves after almost getting shot to get in. Is there more going on here? I don’t know.

Pros: Norma hitting that realtor with her bag.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross eagerly awaiting Monday’s season finale.

On Bates Motel episode 8

Tonight’s episode, “A Boy And His Dog,” saw Dylan go on a road trip with his drunken subordinate, Norman’s teacher suggest counseling, and Jere Burns spook Norma out.

Cons: I so didn’t want Jere Burns to be associated with the sex trade business. I was hoping for a deeper, creepier mystery. Instead, it looks like he’s just a mid-management or higher sleaze, though still a worthy adversary and fun character.

Pros: I love them working the highway getting moved backstory form the Psycho films into the story. The cast continues to impress, especially Sheriff Nestor “I don’t wear eyeliner” Carbonell. The taxidermy plot is wonderful. I love the image of Norma petting a stuffed dog, talking to Norman’s mentor. “Twelve rooms, twelve vacancies.”

You want things to go well for these people, but you know it just won’t.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross looking forward to next Monday’s ep.

On Bates Motel episode 7

Q: How great is Bates Motel every week?
A: Super great.

Tonight’s ep., “The Man in Number 9” sees Jere Burns check into the motel. Is he connected to the sex trade stuff or his mystery something different all together? Only time (and maybe next Monday’s episode) will tell.

I love the continued use of Norman calling Norma Mom when he’s normal and Mother when he’s freaking out.

Cons: Norma is a little too creepy for me. She hears her son is interested in a girl and she pictures them having sex against a wall?

Pros: Jere Burns! Huge fan of his work. I didn’t see where the dog subplot was leading, until Norman said he was taking the body to Emma’s dad, the taxidermist. That’s a big part of the Bates mythology and I love seeing it connecting to the series.

Cannot believe we’re past the halfway point and already.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross looking forward to next Monday.

On Bates Motel episode six

This episode of Bates Motel, called “The Truth,” really captured the pilot’s frantic feeling. Picking up seconds after the last ep ended, we follow Dylan dealing with running down that addict and Norman finally retrieving the evidence from Keith Summers’ murder.

And then the last half was all-out action. I’ll miss Mike Vogel’s presence on the show, but it was either him or Norman, and the show isn’t called Zack Shelby’s Motel.

Just as suspected from the pilot, we finally get to see how Norman’s father died and I still hate that his name is Sam Bates. Homage to Psycho‘s Sam Loomis? I guess so.

Speaking of homage, that last shot was perfect. A stone-faced Norman Bates sitting in a car with police lights flashing. Goosebumps.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross looking forward to Jere Burns’ appearance next week as the first guest of the Bates Motel.

On Bates Motel episode five

Well, the season is now half over and the body count is rising once again. This episode, called “Ocean View” proves that Norman isn’t quite as insane as previously thought, and demonstrates how Norma might get off the hook for killing Keith Summers.

Cons: Is everyone in this sleepy town connected to either sex trafficking or marijuana growing? I’d prefer if they tied it together but so far it seems like they’re disparate sinister threads. Five episodes in and no one’s checked into the motel. Someone’s got to stay there this season, right? Not everyone watches all shows in hi-def, so how about a close-up of all the texts? I can barely figure out who Norman is texting, let alone the content. If this were five years ago, it would have been filmed so I could actually read along with it.

Pros: Dylan running over the addict who shot his work buddy. Everything with Emma (Olivia Cooke delivers a solid performance every scene she appears in. She’s set to appear in a ghost film, The Quiet Ones, later this year with Jared Harris. That’s one to be on the look out for).

Definitely interested to see where the rest of the season takes us. I have this foreboding feeling that Dylan won’t make it to season two, but you never know.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross psyched out for next week’s episode.