On Special film review

I’ve recently watched a bunch of sequels and big blockbuster movies that I considered reviewing for you, but you can read thousands of reviews everywhere else, so I’m here to give another indie movie review about a film you probably haven’t heard of before.

Special is a film made in 2006 and released in 2008 starring the usually funny Michael Rapaport and co-starring the then fat Josh from Drake and Josh (seriously, have you seen Josh Peck recently? Good for him). First up, poorly advertised. I only watched it because my boyfriend was looking for an adventure movie, and we both were surprised to find a darkly comedic drama. Such a wonderful take on the superhero take. Basically, a mild-mannered meter reader signs up for one of those medical trials and he believes that he’s gained Superman-like abilities, while the reality is he’s hallucinating.

Cons: It feels a little low-budget. The concept screams special effects, but there was nothing more than a local TV studio with an intern could produce. After the concept is fully established, the storyline continues down the same path for a while. I would have loved some twists or pushing the envelope, but it was sort of “this weird thing is happening so let’s watch more of it.”

Pros: Such dark humor. Great premise to a story. Likeable, relatable protagonist. I would love for Michael Rapaport to get more starring roles; he’s got to be proud of this movie. It feels real. Or, as theater folk would say, it rings true.

Overall: 3.75 out of 5 stars. Loved the humor, loved Rapaport, but it felt a little simple. Recommended.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross wishing you happy viewing.