On Inkshares Horror Novel

Have you guys heard about this? I recently heard about a crowdfunding site called Inkshares. It’s basically Kickstarter or Indiegogo crossbred with Createspace or Lulu. It looks like a site where you can crowdfund a novel that will have an ebook and physical presence in bookstores. Unlike Kikstarter or Indiegogo where you give them thousands of dollars and then the writer keeps a percentage and has to then hire editors and distributors, Inkshares does all of that. So if a project is successfully funded at Inshares, it includes a professional manuscript editor and distributor.

I had no idea how any of this works, so I figured I’d dive in and take a look see with my current manuscript. I’m working on a 90 thousand word novel about three strangers entering the witness protection program when they accidentally thwart a serial killer. They’re relocated to a new state, but their new home brings them into contact with horrors beyond imagination.

You can find the Inkshares page, along with fun FAQs and whatnot, and back this project here are: https://www.inkshares.com/projects/horror-novel

Thanks so much for your support!

This is Elliot Arthur Cross eternally grateful for your support. For any questions about the project, please email me at elliotarthurcross@gmail.com. Thank you and happy reading.


On Camp Carnage reviews

Camp Carnage front coverHey all. It’s been a busy summer. Thought I’d share some book reviews for the recently released Camp Carnage.  Here are some selections. For full reviews, click on the bloggers’ links.

Boys, Bears, and Scares: 5 stars

“Imagine an 80s summer camp slasher movie that features gay kids getting massacred, and you’ve got the novel Camp Carnage by Elliot Arthur Cross and Joshua Winning. Set in 1986 (complete with 80s pop culture references), this page-turning gay horror novel has basically re-imagined Friday the 13th—at a conversion camp!”

Wall-to-Wall Books: 5 stars

“If you are not afraid of a little blood and guts – mua ha ha ha! I dare you to read this! It was a surprise for me right up to the end, I did not have it figured out. Great job Elliot and Josh! Two thumbs up!”

Genuine Jen: 5 stars

“This book jumps right into the action in the first chapter. It reminded me of an 80’s/early 90’s horror flick, like Jason. It was a little different with the kids going to a “gay” camp to be “cured”. One by one campers start to disappear and then they are found dead. It was scary, not too gruesome but definitely had me on the edge of my seat.”

For more, check out Camp Carnage at Goodreads or Amazon.

On Possessions of the Dead retailers

Possessions_of_the_Dead_400x600Just wanted to let you all know that my M/M comedy/horror ghost ebook Possessions of the Dead is now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. You can also rate and review the story at Goodreads.

Blurb: When college junior Alex Corrigan subs for his favorite professor, he falls for a handsome freshman who gets him involved in a local ghost story. Rumor is anyone who takes something from an abandoned cabin in the woods will be cursed. Alex assumes it’s nonsense, until the frightened freshman shows up at his door needing help. Is the curse just an urban legend, or is there more to the story?

This is Elliot Arthur Cross wishing you happy reading.

On The Invisible Gay at Amazon

The_Invisible_Gay_400x600Hi, all, just sharing a quick update. My erotic M/M ebook The Invisible Gay is now available at Amazon , Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble. You can also rate and review it at Goodreads. This is a fun reimagining of the classic story The Invisible Man set on an American college campus with plenty of hormones going rampant.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross wishing you happy reading.

On Away for the Holidays retailers

Away_for_the_Holidays_400x600Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! And to those of you not celebrating, have a happy December Time. My M/M Christmas ebook, published by JMS Books (which is offering a 40 percent discount on all titles through January 1), is now available through every major retailer.

Christmas is slowly becoming a reminder of everything homesick college freshman Shane Sanderson is going to miss out on. Even when he meets his roommate’s handsome friend, Corey, his mind is stuck back home. What will it take for Shane to feel like he isn’t away for the holidays?

You can find Away for the Holidays at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, and other fine ebookstores. You can also add it to your to-read list and rate/review it on Goodreads.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross wishing you happy reading.

On paperback giveaway

Hi, all. My paranormal M/M YA novel Clearclay Park (the sequel to Tanglewood Road) is now available in paperback. You can win a copy by checking out the Goodreads page and entering a quick contest. For those of who you aren’t into gambling, you can find the paperback at JMS Books, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Clearclay_Park_400x600Blurb: Cody Langdon’s been through a lot. He kissed a boy in the locker room and got brutally harassed for months. Unable to cope, he tried to take his own life. His parents decided a change in scenery would help, so they moved the family to Florida in the middle of the summer. The abrupt move left Cody lonely, bored, and beyond depressed. Stuck in a new state, Cody learned that a demon named Tanglewood had killed his neighbors and was taunting Cody. To save his family, Cody burned his house down.

Cody was lauded as a local hero and inducted into a support group for people who had survived encounters with dangerous demons. The support group introduced Cody to a new world of the supernatural and shared their own horrific experiences with incubi, curses, and ghosts.

Adam Monroe was a teenager just like Cody, until the demon Tanglewood killed his neighbors and his parents. Blamed for the multiple deaths and thought insane, Adam was locked away in a mental facility until Cody stumbled across evidence that cleared his name. The two bonded immediately over their shared trauma and mutual attraction.

After all of his hardships, Cody is in for the strangest task yet—starting over at a new high school where he knows no one, doesn’t like organized sports, and thinks he’s above the petty social games.

Just as he starts to relax in his new environment, Cody’s parents find a new house to live in. Upon touring one of the identical homes in the Clearclay Park community, Cody discovers that behind the perfect hedges, trimmed lawns, and pristine appearance, a sinister force may lurk.

Forced to juggle his time between school, his parents, and Adam, Cody is confronted with the realization that not all problems are supernatural, and not all solutions are final.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross wishing you happy reading.

On Clearclay Park retailers

Clearclay_Park_400x600Hi all, just wanted to announce that my paranormal YA Clearclay Park is now available in ebook form through Amazon and Smashwords. Other retailers coming soon, as well as the paperback edition.

As a reminder, this is the sequel to Tanglewood Road (Amazon Link here), in which a gay teen moves to Florida to start his life over after bullying incidents and discovers something spooky going on in his new neighborhood. The series is planned to be four books in total and I’m currently nearing completion of draft one of the third.

There’s already a Goodreads page and I hope to share some reviews relatively soon on this one. But, here’s some nice words about Tanglewood Road from Goodreads and Amazon readers:

Tanglewood_Road_400x600“A tightly-written horror story, Tanglewood Road is a quick, creepy and addictive read.”

“It’s got a deliciously creepy start, and I relished it. It easily could have been a Twilight Zone episode, albeit a particularly grotesque one.”

“This book was so fascinating to read, that I read it in one night.”

This is Elliot Arthur Cross wishing you happy reading.