On Inkshares Horror Novel

Have you guys heard about this? I recently heard about a crowdfunding site called Inkshares. It’s basically Kickstarter or Indiegogo crossbred with Createspace or Lulu. It looks like a site where you can crowdfund a novel that will have an ebook and physical presence in bookstores. Unlike Kikstarter or Indiegogo where you give them thousands of dollars and then the writer keeps a percentage and has to then hire editors and distributors, Inkshares does all of that. So if a project is successfully funded at Inshares, it includes a professional manuscript editor and distributor.

I had no idea how any of this works, so I figured I’d dive in and take a look see with my current manuscript. I’m working on a 90 thousand word novel about three strangers entering the witness protection program when they accidentally thwart a serial killer. They’re relocated to a new state, but their new home brings them into contact with horrors beyond imagination.

You can find the Inkshares page, along with fun FAQs and whatnot, and back this project here are: https://www.inkshares.com/projects/horror-novel

Thanks so much for your support!

This is Elliot Arthur Cross eternally grateful for your support. For any questions about the project, please email me at elliotarthurcross@gmail.com. Thank you and happy reading.


On joining Facebook

I did it. I crumbled and joined the masses. I now have a Facebook page, which is bare bones and empty now, but I plan on filling it out in the next few days or so.

Check it out here, like it, and enjoy it when I put stuff up.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross shameless promoting himself. Good night, all.

On opening to interviews

Hey gang, I’ve decided that since I have lots of followers (soon to reach triple digits), I’ve decided to network even more. If anyone wants to interview an lgbt author/Game of Thrones enthusiast/Survivor junkie/politics enthusiast/holder of a BA in Film Studies, then let me know. I’m mildly entertaining and I’d love to meet more people and share ideas. We could also possibly do some free book giveaways to your readers, as that’s a marketing approach I need to tap into more. Current ebooks are in YA, murder mystery, erotica, and horror genres.

And it feels weird to just email someone out of the blue. There are some great bloggers who interview people, but I feel odd contacting strangers to see if they care about me. So any interested parties, please email me at elliotarthurcross@gmail.com. I will respond quickly and pleasantly.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross looking forward to hearing from you.

On The Keysmith at the iStore

There’s plenty of people out there just like I used to be. You only read books on your iPad. Sure, there are apps that let you read Kobo and Nook books, but you’re used to going to the iStore and downloading a book.

Good news horror fans! My short story, The Keysmith, is available in the iStore. Open up your iPad, type in the story or my name, and enjoy a fun ghost story.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross asking you to leave a comment, rate, and tell your friends. Happy reading.

On Goodreads

Trying to ensconce myself in modern technology, I have a Goodreads page. I don’t really know how to use it for promotional purposes, but The Keysmith is on there and I plan on adding each of my books once they’re published.

For any Goodreads users, feel free to check out my Author page, rate and review. And if anyone wants to give me any advice on using Goodreads, much appreciated.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross enjoying the 21st century.

On Community’s Thanksgiving episode

Yes! Thank you NBC for giving us quality Thanksgiving programming in March. Well-planned. Just when you’re gearing up for Easter, the one thing on your mind is “Too bad it’s not Thanksgiving again.”

I’ve loved the strange meta show that is Community ever since it’s first quirky episode that was about students at a community college. Those were the days. Anyway, I found this special, James Brolin and Adam DeVine-infused episode brilliant and appreciate that they chose to take a prison break approach to a holiday special.

And hey, Abed does a Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption. Has there been an episode where he doesn’t reference a movie? I’m okay if there wasn’t any.

This has been Elliot Arthur Cross crossing his fingers for a Christmas special in May.

On I Have This Thing…

A couple years back, I wrote a horror novella in which a few friends throw an Anti-Valentine’s Day party and tell scary stories about love gone wrong. The five stories are all connected by a mysterious killer. It’s my ode to all those wonderful horror anthologies like Creepshow, Trick ‘R Treat, After Midnight, Campfire Tales, Trilogy of Terror, and Tales from the Crypt (and Hood and Darkside).

Well, turns out most publishers don’t accept anthologies (whoops), so it’s been collecting cyber dust in my PC.

The first story is called I Have This Thing… and is about a creepy hook-up on Valentine’s Day. You can read it here on my website, ElliotArthurCross.com. Check it out.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross hoping you enjoy the story.