Love at Sixth Sight published

Love at Sixth Sight, my latest ebook is now available at JMS Books. As always, JMS offers it exclusively at a 20 % discount for one week until it’s released on major retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, etc.

Love_at_Sixth_Sight_400x600After Harris breaks up with his cheating boyfriend, he plans to stop by the liquor store and spend the evening drowning his sorrows in a bottle of vodka. Instead, he finds himself face to face with an armed robber and he’s shot in the head.

When Harris finally comes to after a coma, he doesn’t just have medical bills and head trauma to deal with — he has strange visions whenever he touches someone. He finds a common thread in the visions, and believes he’s psychically seeing other people’s soul mates. His friends can’t agree on whether the bullet that pierced his brain caused him to lose his mind, or gave him a miraculous ability.

Harris’ new “gift” turns him into a local celebrity, though it comes with consequences in the form of sickness and delusions. Will Harris be able to help himself and his friends find true love, or are they doomed to end up with a string of Mr. Wrongs? And how long can Harris hold out before his battered brain starts to tear his life apart?

Check it out here at JMS Books.


On Love at Sixth Sight cover

Wow. I’ve super been slacking on blogging lately. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to get back in the swing of things. And now, two weeks later, I’m following through.

I’m happy to announce the cover to my upcoming e-book Love at Sixth Sight.


Blurb: After a break-up and a near death experience, down on his luck Harris starts having visions of people’s soul mates. With his unexpected skills, Harris plays matchmaker, but can he persevere through daunting hallucinations and the inability to see his own true love?

Love at Sixth Sight will be available from JMS Books coming Jan. 18 and major retailers soon thereafter. More soon.

On Backwatch Lane release

Backwatch_Lane_400x600 (3)Hi, all. Happy to announced my paranormal YA book Backwatch Lane (Demonic Survivors Book Three) was released today.

Blurb: Cody Langdon has survived a lot since moving to Florida to start his life over. After his new neighbors were killed by a demon named Tanglewood, Cody joined a secret support group for people who had been through similar ordeals against ghosts, monsters, and demons. While on a trip to a mysterious island, Cody was thrown back in time to the 1850s in the body of a closeted aristocrat.

Not only must Cody quickly readjust to the jarring social and technological differences of the 1850s, but he soon finds a mysterious adversary stalking him. When his unofficial boyfriend and his best friend arrive at the plantation, the three confused teens discover their trip through time may hold valuable information about Tanglewood.

With their lives in constant danger and no one to help them, Cody must find a way to survive the 1800s and return to his normal life dealing with parents who want him to see a psychiatrist, a rocky romance, and a murderous demon.

The ebook is now available at JMS Books and Queerteen Press, with major retailers coming in about a week or so (but check it out now because it’s cheaper this week, just sayin’).

And if you’re interested in this creepy/fun series, you can check out the first in the series, Tanglewood Road, at Amazon.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross wishing you happy reading.

On new book contract

Quick update today: I just signed the contract for Backwatch Lane (Demonic Survivors, Book Three). The series follows sullen high schooler Cody Langdon, who moves to Florida to start over after a gay bashing and discovers a world of supernatural horrors. Backwatch Lane is schedule for release June, 2014 from JMS Books. More coming soon.


And in the meantime, check out the first two books in the series, Tanglewood Road and Clearclay Park.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross wishing you happy reading.

On Valentine’s weekend book sale

Hi all, just wanted to pass on a book sale for all you fans of LGBT books. My publisher, JMS Books, is offering a 40% off sale until Monday in honor of Valentine’s Day. Here’s a link to my author page, but browse around the wonderful selection of titles ranging from YA, comedy, erotica, horror, and

On Possessions of the Dead release

Hi all, I’m glad to announce another ebook release day. My 13,000 word M/M comedic horror Possessions of the Dead is now available from JMS Books. As always, the book will be sold exclusively through the wonderful JMS Books store for one week before coming to the likes of Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the rest of the ‘Net.

Possessions_of_the_Dead_400x600Blurb: As a way of dealing with being dumped by his boyfriend for being unemotional, college junior Alex Corrigan pours all his energy into his studies. He jumps at the opportunity to sub for one of his favorite professors who’s called away on unexpected business. While answering questions about an upcoming mid-term paper, Alex finds himself immediately drawn to roommates Ben and Gage.

Ben plans on debunking the local legend of a haunted cabin for his research paper. For years, college kids have passed around the story that trespassers on the wooded property who steal something from the cabin are cursed with horrible, and potentially deadly, luck. Alex gives Ben advice on conducting research, then turns his attention on getting to know Gage.

Over the next few days, Alex manages to befriend the freshman while simultaneously talking himself out of making any moves. But as Alex spends more time with Gage, he finds himself drawn into Ben’s haunted project. When a series of startling events occur, Alex is forced to face the cursed cabin. Is it simply an urban legend college kids use to scare each other, or will he discover truth in the story?

This is Elliot Arthur Cross wishing you happy reading.

On The Invisible Gay release

The_Invisible_Gay_400x600Hi all. My erotic M/M novella The Invisible Gay was released today. The ebook is available exclusively through the publisher JMS Books for one week, and then will hit online retailers. The story is a modern day, gay reimagining of HG Wells’ classic The Invisible Man.

When Kegan Kemp moves in to his new dorm room at Prescott University, he’s planning on starting an exciting new life full of fun and adventure. After one day, Kegan realizes that he only left the dramas of high school for the dramas of college. He’s rooming with an attractive, mostly straight guy with boundary issues and he becomes smitten by Randall, an upperclassman who seems more interested in being friends than anything more.

Griffin Herbert is a brilliant young science student coming from a broken home moving onto the same floor as Kegan, who happens to be his new lab partner. While Griffin plans on enjoying a new life consisting of peaceful studying, he finds himself smitten by his ruggedly good-looking roommate. A winner of several science competitions, Griffin is picked out in his first chemistry class to work on a special project by his unscrupulous professor.

While Kegan works on moving out of the Friend Zone with Randall, Griffin grows obsessed with his research. Once he discovers the correct chemical process to reverse the polarity of light, Griffin injects himself with his serum, effectively turning himself invisible to the naked eye.

During the following weekend, Prescott University is plunged into terror as the voyeuristic invisible man slowly deteriorates into madness and seeks revenge on those he believes have wronged him.

Kegan’s burgeoning friendship with Randall is put in jeopardy when they become embroiled in Griffin’s madness. With Griffin running loose, campus security goes on lockdown and paranoid sets in. Can Kegan manage to win Randall’s heart while simultaneously struggling against an invisible genius driven mad by his own creation, or will Griffin prove unstoppable?

Check it out at JMS Books now.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross wishing you happy reading.