On Inkshares Horror Novel

Have you guys heard about this? I recently heard about a crowdfunding site called Inkshares. It’s basically Kickstarter or Indiegogo crossbred with Createspace or Lulu. It looks like a site where you can crowdfund a novel that will have an ebook and physical presence in bookstores. Unlike Kikstarter or Indiegogo where you give them thousands of dollars and then the writer keeps a percentage and has to then hire editors and distributors, Inkshares does all of that. So if a project is successfully funded at Inshares, it includes a professional manuscript editor and distributor.

I had no idea how any of this works, so I figured I’d dive in and take a look see with my current manuscript. I’m working on a 90 thousand word novel about three strangers entering the witness protection program when they accidentally thwart a serial killer. They’re relocated to a new state, but their new home brings them into contact with horrors beyond imagination.

You can find the Inkshares page, along with fun FAQs and whatnot, and back this project here are: https://www.inkshares.com/projects/horror-novel

Thanks so much for your support!

This is Elliot Arthur Cross eternally grateful for your support. For any questions about the project, please email me at elliotarthurcross@gmail.com. Thank you and happy reading.


On joining Facebook

I did it. I crumbled and joined the masses. I now have a Facebook page, which is bare bones and empty now, but I plan on filling it out in the next few days or so.

Check it out here, like it, and enjoy it when I put stuff up.

This is Elliot Arthur Cross shameless promoting himself. Good night, all.

On my new web site

My personal web site is now up and running. After days of hard work, I have a basic, tolerable page. This is a work-in-progress and I hope to make it fancier in the months to come.

Meanwhile, have a look and enjoy 🙂


This has been E.A. Cross trying out a new sign off. Good night.

On making a website

What do I have after three hours last night and four today? A very basic website! With The Keysmith’s looming release (February 17, check it out at JMS Books), I’ve been driving myself crazy making myself a web page. Hopefully I can get it up and running by Sunday. I’m no programmer or graphic designer, so I’ve been teaching myself HTML to make something visually interesting. Stay tuned.

This is an excited Elliot Arthur Cross wishing you a pleasant evening.

On an single book vs. a series

I came up with an idea for a gay murder mystery series, and I wrote the first book awhile back. It’s contracted and schedule for March of next year. Then I wrote a shorter horror novella that was meant to be a standalone and got it contracted for March of next year, as well.

I didn’t know if I wanted to work on a series or single story when I turned a short story into a Young Adult novel. I came up what would happen and it seemed fairly self-contained.

But yesterday, the story exploded. I had a straight-forward idea for a singular story, and it suddenly blossomed into a four or five book series. I couldn’t help it. Have any of you experienced that phenomenon? You were fully expecting one thing when a story says “screw you” and grows up on its own.

I’m one proud papa. Another three thousand words written today. Word elves, keep on truckin’ on.

This has been Elliot Arthur Cross reminding you that sometimes accidents happen for a reason. Take care.

On Predators

Yesterday I wrote about 2 thousand words on my new Young Adult horror novel in progress. Slightly exhausted and decided to check the brain out and give you all a movie review. Recently, I watched Predators. Yes, it came out a couple of years ago, but I guess I was washing my hair or something at the time.

Since this is an older movie, spoilers aplenty. Consider yourself warned.

Predators is a follow-up to the original Arnold flick, although it doesn’t disavow the sequel or the Aliens franchise. A bunch of hard-asses and Topher Grace are plucked from Earth and set down in a jungle planet to be hunted by a trio of Predators. Sounds fun.


The fantastic cast wasn’t fully utilized. I could have used another ten minutes in the movie of character development. Danny Trejo is awesome as always, but has about five lines and is killed off screen. Machete shouldn’t be taken out like that. Come on.

How is this that different from Predator? There’s two more antagonistic aliens, and the jungle is off-planet. And there’s a female. Um, yep, that’s it.

It’s a series of things happening. Almost like Cube but not as intrinsic.

Topher Grace. Come on. He so obviously doesn’t fit in with the others that it’s apparent that he’s a psychopath. But it wasn’t handled well. It could have been cooler and more intense, but played out as too little, too late. Grace did a fine job with the script, but the character could have been much cooler. Most horror movies have a human quasi-antagonist, and Grace should have been more developed in this role.

The characters were better developed than I would have thought, but not quite enough. Adrien Brody turned out to be a jerk, but then he turned out to not be so bad. The second turn around wasn’t earned. I felt that his character would have taken off, leaving the Hispanic woman to get rape-killed by Topher Grace while the last Predator looked on.

Laurence Fishburne. Always fun. Little cooky here. I wanted him to kick ass, but he kind of just is there, is crazy, proves that he’s awesome, then is killed. He’s just one more of those ‘okay, now we need something else to happen’ problems.


Laurence Fishburne. Always a pro. Even a little Fishburne is better than no Fishburne.

Everything else is cool. Who knew pianist Adrien Brody was a badass? I loved the multi-culturalism. Theres’s actually more than one group of humans on Earth, so of course the Predators take various prey, like an Asian sword fighter.

The action scenes were well done, the acting fine, and the special effects fun.

They actually developed the Predators somewhat. I was surprised. Apparently there’s two types of Predators, larger and smaller, and they have blood feuds. I appreciate it.

Overall, I’d give the movie a very solid 2.75 stars out of 4. Can’t quite justify 3, but it’s close, and I vote yay for another sequel.

This has been Elliot Arthur Cross reminding you that only in American can you go from being Larry Fishburne, male nurse in Nightmare on Elm Street 3, to Laurence Fishburne, Morpheus in a handful of years.

On election 2012

Tomorrow is the big day. My household will be going in at random times to cast our votes. Most New England states, even if officially swing states, will go for Obama, so it doesn’t really matter in this election, but I choose to cast my vote for a better 2016.

Turning my thoughts to four years from now, it dawned on me that we could potentially have a Hillary CLINTON vs. Jeb BUSH. How crazy would that be? Who else would the Democrats or Republicans put up? Bidena nd Pelosi will be too old. Edwards crashed and burned. I think if Hillary wants it, then she’s got it. On the Elephantile side, there’s who, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, and uh, that’s it. Jeb could easily take it if he wants. Paul Ryan may run, but come on.

The sad part is, I bet if you ask most people, they’d probably take a Cinton or Bush over where we are headed.

Anyway, I saw a few polls that suggested Rmney could win the popular vote but lose the electoral college. If that happens, do you think ANY liberals who bitched about the unfairness of the electoral college in 2000 will be complaining? Or will it be a case of, “Oh, this benefits my side now, long live the electoral college!”

If I sound cynical, it’s only because I am.

This has been Elliot Arthur Cross reminding you to vote early, vote often, and vote Gary. Peace.